Our Story

Its taken us a while to get here.  Head Brewer David started home brewing in an Army barracks in 1999 when he fell in love with craft beer in Washington state.  Abby (David's wife) discovered how delicious beer could be while backpacking in Munich, Germany in 2005.  Wade (Abby's big brother) has sought out delicious beer from Alaska to Budapest to Chile, and everywhere in between since 2000.  

The idea to start our own beer company, and eventually a brew house and tasting room, was hatched years ago, not surprisingly over delicious craft beer.  That was before we all got busy with life - jobs, kids, a dog named Porter, chickens, moves across the country and moves back home again.  

What kept calling us back to this dream was that we love raising glasses together.  Abby and Wade's grandparents believed that every day, no matter how ordinary, deserves to be celebrated by raising glasses together.  

We are excited to share our beer and raise a glass together with you.  

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