Our Beers


Good Dog Porter

There’s nothing like the companionship of a Good Dog. Our brewer has been perfecting this recipe for his favorite beer style since he started homebrewing. Named for his loveable mutt, Porter, this beer is as comforting as spending an afternoon with your favorite pup!

Beer Style: Brown Porter     Gravity: 12.5P     ABV: 5%

Tasting Notes: This beer is all about the toasty, chocolate notes of roasted malts. Many people think all dark beer is heavy, but this beer drinks much lighter than its color.

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Dairy Air Farmhouse Ale

On Wisconsin road trips, you always know when you’re driving past a dairy. The funky/sweet aroma is unmistakable. We brewed Dairy Air as a nod to our Belgian heritage and countless Wisconsin road trips. Belgian farmhouse ales were traditionally brewed on farms to fortify the workers during hard days in the field. This beer is especially thirst-quenching after a day of hard work, but is delicious even on lazy days. When you smell the Dairy Air you know you’re in Wisconsin!

Beer Style: Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale     Gravity: 11P     ABV: 5%

Tasting Notes: This light, easy drinking beer features bready malt balanced by subtle European hops and spicy Belgian character from an authentic strain of yeast.


Meatball Man Amber Ale

Inspired by an afternoon spent in a Dusseldorf brewery, Meatball Man Amber is named for the gentleman walking around the bar selling big, spiced meatballs to snack on. Brewed in the German tradition of Altbier, Meatball Man is fermented cool for a clean, crisp flavor. It’s perfect for sharing stories with friends and family while enjoying delicious food.

Beer Style: German-style Altbier     Gravity: 11.5P     ABV: 5%

Tasting Notes: Rich toasty, bready malts dominate this beer with subtle caramel notes. German hops contribute a spicy aroma and moderate bitterness.